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Advanced simplicity catalogue 2021

Corporate and Main Catalogue
“Advanced Simplicity”

74 pages, 8.5 MB

Product Brochure
“Diabetes Care”

9 pages, 1.6 MB

Product Brochure
“Vacusence Blood Collection Tubes”

15 pages, 2.2 MB

Product Brochure
“Capillary Tubes”

13 pages, 2.0 MB

Product Brochure
“Medical Devices”

16 pages, 1.7 MB

Product Brochure

13 pages, 1.5 MB

Product Catalogue
“Surgical Sutures & Meshes”

220 pages, 10.4 MB

Product Overview
“Surgical Sutures & Meshes”

7 pages, 1.3 MB

(EN). Vitrex Surgical Sutures & Meshes, Folder

12 pages, 2.1 MB

(DE). Chirurgisches Nahtmaterial und chirurgische Netze

12 Seiten, 2.1 MB

(EN). Veterinary
Suture material for small animal surgery

8 pages, 0.9 MB

(DE). Veterinärmedizin
Fadenmaterial Kleintier-Chirurgie

8 Seiten, 1 MB

(EN). Veterinary Sutures & Bottles

44 pages, 4.9 MB

(DE). Nahtmaterial und Flaschen für den Veterinärgebrauch

44 Seiten, 4.9 MB

(FR). Dévidoirs et fils de suture vétérinaires

44 pages, 4.9 MB

(ES). Envases y suturas para veterinaria

44 páginas, 4.9 MB


Diabetes Care
– Pen Needles

147.2 MB

Diabetes Care
– Insulin Syringes

117.9 MB

– Macro Blood Collection System

113.1 MB

Capillary Tubes
– Micro blod sampling

117.9 MB

Medical Devices

112.8 MB

Surgical Sutures
– Absorbable threads

104.1 MB

Surgical Sutures
– Non-absorbable threads

101.9 MB